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The hiring process is outdated. Hively saves you time and money by connecting talent to business culture.

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Talk Data To Me working on their Hively App & Pitch

Talk Data To Me

Talk Data To Me is a team of talented professionals that sacrificed 72 hours over the course of one weekend to develop an application that will change the way companies hire talent.

Our team overcame the challenge of the Go Code Colorado event.As a team, we identified that the traditional hiring process is costly, outdated and fails to address the emerging interests of the largest labor force in the market – Millennials. Hively is a fresh approach to the employment process that enables businesses to make better hiring “fits”.

Talk Data To Me Wins Colorado Springs

The win gives us all a great sense of pride! Team, Talk Data To Me is made of Team Leader & Product Design: Dalton Patterson, Product Developer: Nathan Harris, Lead Presenter & PHP Developer: Zach Bowers, Presenter 2 & Business Innovation : John Franck, Graphic Designer: Breton Brander, & Motion Graphic Designer: Jeremy Wick.

Talk Data To Me Wins with their Hively Pitch
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